Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tea,my lady?

Hey guys !I hope everyone had a splendid Raya holiday spent for the past few days !Mine was pretty cool and well spent !I went camping with my family and some other friends somewhere in Kuantan,it was a start gazing trip !I can't wait to share my experience with you guys.It was my first time witnessing real meteor shower !WITH MY OWN EYES!I swear there were like more than 5 of them !Will blog about it very soon .

Now holiday is officially over,its time to munch on books again !Not forgetting to mention that finals is in two weeks time.Good thing is that means my sem break is  getting nearer and nearer,bad thing is OMG !Two more weeks till finals !JUST KILL ME NOW.Decided to update a little after a long day of class and revisions and practices.I still need to study for history later D: How i wish i had to power to memorize everything that i have to read only once,life will be 9637256 times easier.But then,if i have the ability to do that,i probably wouldn't appreciate the process of studying and i wouldn't feel the achievement that i have made.Humans,ever so contradicting.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Haven really been to anywhere but home and college for the past few weeks.I miss hanging out with the girls and i miss dressing up!The last time we hung out was high tea session at Mandarin Oriental,Kimee suggested to give it a try there than the usual Ritz Carlton that we often visit.









Pearl iphone case from The Casing House .SO IN LOVE!







I have no idea what was i trying to do..LOL




Happy girl is happy !She looks so cute in this picture !








The garden outside,which you can directly reach KLCC park from this garden !








My choice of tea : Infused rose tea .

The tea was a little disappointing.The aroma and the taste were a little bland for a rose tea.




The pastries was a huge let down !

I still prefer the high tea set in Ritz Carlton.But on the other hand,the scones are better than the ones in Ritz.The others was just so so only.Ritz has better sandwiches !







Silly dolly molly <3





Jacsafterparty enjoying her afternoon tea. #likealadyboss







Owl brooch is <3 Aren't they adorable !







We sat for more than four hours just talking and talking..this is what happens when there's more than one female !







Doll in her Jean Paul Gaultier inspired dress.So pretty !




Tweed lady.

Tweet jacket by MNG | Denim shorts by Bershka | Basic tee by H&M | Louis Vuitton Mahina tote | Rose gold ballerina flats and accessories by Aldo



Sometimes its okay to indulge yourself with your girlfriends and spend some quality time once in a while in places like this,but my advise,Ritz Carlton beats Mandarin Oriental anytime for pastries !Harrods and Hilton are not too bad too !Of course you'll have to compare the prices and the service too.


Till then ! Back to books ! xo

Friday, August 17, 2012

World's rain forest music festival 2012 preview .

I was very very blessed and honored to be invited as a guest performer for the World's rain forest music festival 2012 a month ago at Taylor's lakeside campus,here's a short recap !Just gonna post some pictures and the LIVE videos up to share with you guys :)

It was the largest stage i've ever performed on !Million thanks to those who showed up,my friends and family who came to support me!And special thanks to Khye who surprised me with beautiful roses after my performance,which i feel damn pai seh cause there's audience around !And he just showed up with this bouquet of flowers infront of everyone.OMG !!I can literally hear people saying 'awwwww' ,and i stood there just dumbfounded . *SHY*

Later on Khye told me he actually wanted to go on stage to give it to me but his friend ask him to not steal my spotlight so he changed his mind.Thank god he didn't do it cause i wouldn't know where to hide myself !!!!

Also,i wanna thank Danny and Eric for helping me out in this !I love working with talented people !It helps me to gain my experience and they motivate me in a lot of ways.I never felt so calm before even its my first time performing on such a huge stage,compared to the gig i use to perform last time,i am so much calm and steady now.Its so weird,its like i'm not afraid of anything anymore.No shaky hands and shaky voice!Though i'm not nervous,but i do get awkward on stage especially when it comes to interacting with the crowd.I need to practice more on that,especially talking to the audience.Whenever i have to talk,my mind just turns blank !Improvement needed on that haha !


Anyway,i hope you guys enjoy the LIVE covers we did!Sound quality is a little soft,so if you're not using any speakers,try using headphones !

Fullscreen capture 8152012 81812 PM



Fullscreen capture 8152012 81817 PM


Fullscreen capture 8152012 82151 PM


Fullscreen capture 8152012 82233 PM


Fullscreen capture 8152012 82641 PM


Fullscreen capture 8152012 83129 PM



Fullscreen capture 8152012 83303 PM


Fullscreen capture 8152012 83327 PM



Fullscreen capture 8152012 83406 PM



We performed 7 songs in total,but i only uploaded a few with better quality.





My favorite song by my favorite Female singer.I just love Amy Winehouse so so so much.



We improvised a little and did a 10mins medley !Its our first time experimenting so it can be quite raw, but i hope you guys like it!First time rapping on Nicki Minaj's Super Bass with John Mayor's Neon as accompaniment .Check it out !!!!


Hope you guys enjoyed it !Hopefully i can create more covers and improve myself  as the days goes by.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

JACSAFTERPARTY 21ST dinner party !! | Italian mafia girls .

I am utterly exhausted ,top to toe.I realized i haven't been hitting the gym for the longest time,so today i went back for a one hour workout session and oh my!Just kill me already.I used to wake up like 6am every morning for a jog before my morning class,but i'm just getting lazier and lazier every day which is badddd.

I need something to motivate me again,setting Victoria's Secret Angel model's lingerie picture as my screensaver and wallpaper isn't working anymore!!!!Help me!I used to drool over hot toned bodies of female models and get really jealous over them.So i workout and eat healthy because i wanna look like them.But after since i'm in college,i've been working out less and eating more junk.They just make me feel so good.Just when i'm thinking of snacks,i'm craving for cupcakes right now.Ughhhh.

Whenever i complain about eating too much and not exercise i get cock stares and responses like 'OMG you're so skinny already what is there to workout ?Your bones?'  The saddest thing i've ever heard T______T

Bitch please,skinny people needs to feel healthy and look lean and in shape to0 okay!Just because i'm skinny doesn't mean i can abuse my eating habits(Though i do that a lot,teehee) but still,i do feel good after a workout session especially when i sweat .So there is seriously nothing wrong with SKINNY .PEOPLE. GOING. TO- THE- GYM !


Another thing i really wanna whine about  is my blog layout.I started to hate the design and i'm getting bored of it.I have repeatedly said this for almost 4 months now and i'm doing nothing to it.What's wrong with me !I better get it done by this month so i can blog happily again!When i'm not attracted to things i will lose interest,i seriously don't wanna lose my interest in blogging!!


Anyway,some updates!Sweetie pie Jac has finally turned 21 !Now she can go satisfy her urge in the casino all she wants.Everyone's so excited of themselves turning 21,cause that's when they finally get to club legally,gamble all they want and do what they want.But i don't gamble(i'm probably the most boring person ever during Chinese New Year),and i club before i was even 21 ( don't judge,you all do too).But i guess the excitement is not about being legal and all,its about stepping into adulthood!The 21 years is like a whirlwind journey,from Kindergarten,Primary,Highschool then college.Soon or later you'll have to work,get married,have kids and then...okay lets not go too far..

I think celebrating our 21st is also a reminder to us and realizing that our parents are growing older too,together with us for another 21 years.Guess we all should be more grateful and thankful to our parents,or even teachers,friends,people around us that has been through the ups and downs with us,since we're younger,older or even now :)



Mama Gan was very generous to treat us dinner for Jacklyn's 21st birthday.It took place at Favola,Le Meridien.




The restaurant provides a very traditional Italian design.




Masquerade masks decorations everywhere !
























Bread sticks and truffle dip was good !




From the Crudo bar Freddo -

We ordered four different appetizers to share.

Seafood Salad on toasted olive brioche with tomato emulsion/Black Mussels in chili-garlic cream sauce, olive croutons/marinated trio of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic emulsion.

Didn't like the appetizer a lot,somehow the seafood aren't very fresh.It has this weird taste in it.




Bruschetta with four different toppings-
smoked duck breast ragoût with pimiento spread / marinated tomato and mozzarella /cured salmon, micro green and citrus dressing.







Sautéed Wagyu beef strips flavoured with garlic, basil, chili and Vincon wine.



squid ink risotto, sautéed slipper lobster,broccolini, lemon rind and cherry tomato .



Pan-fried sea scallops on leeks, lemon zest, chili and basil risotto.




Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder rosemary, garlic, black olives and tomato juice.




Authentic beef lasagna in a mini casserole .




Girls all in black for the night.Italian mafia girls !Our black dress contrasts really well with the red chair.Makes us look bad ass ;)




Beautiful 18th century paintings on the wall.




Helpful waiters helped with the cake decorations.









Happy Birthday once again sweetie <3



Silly girl suffocating in the necklace we got her.





photo 1 (2)






Polaroid pictures !!




Every girls must have,LBD. #littleblackdress




That's all for tonight !Goodnight :)
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