Friday, August 31, 2012

Idarts Gold soft launch | Oppa Gangnam Night

Happy Merdeka everyone !I'm sure everyone had a great time partying last night!Well i had a good night cuddling my puppy,helplessly eating a lot of cakes while watching Suites,i'm so addicted to this drama series !Thanks to the bf who got me hooked.On the other hand,True Blood which used to be my favorite,i find some scenes really stupid and funny in the latest season.The story line is getting ridiculous and it gets boring sometimes!But episode 12 gave me a heart rape !Things are getting exciting again,i hope.Just need to wait till episode 13 to be out !



Idarts Gold is official right now !I'm so happy for the girls who worked so hard for this .Attended their soft launch and showed some support,and that place is HUGE i tell you ! I'm sure everyone is now very clear about the concept in Idarts,if you don't,please read my previous post here !




With darling Kimee who works as one of the crew.




Idarts Gold that is located at Setia Walk,Puchong,is so far the largest darting bar throughout Asia,if you're not a fan of a place swarming and pack with people,Idarts Gold is just the right place for you!Makes you feel like home :) I kid you not!




And their interior is towards the more luxurious concept and you'll get like the ultimate VIP treatment there.Every sofas has their very own darting machine.Basically the whole place is filled with sofas.You'll get more private space with your friends.What can i say?ITS EXCLUSIVE !










Even parents brings their kids out for darting games !This is definitely a healthy,and fun place to hang.







With one of the Thai DJ of the night.They have awesome DJ spinning every weekends !











With my darlings.



One of my highschool senior,Cynthia .



With Pauline(one of the shareholders) and Andy.




Congratulations !! xx




Ashley(This girl has got guts !She shaved her hair on the side and it looks so freaking cool.I have no courage at all to even cut it short don't even mention bout shaving lol) and Leonard Bieber Chua.





Ken Yeang you gained weight !!!!!!!




Ms.Jane (it was her first time darting and i'm sure she had a lot of fun.HAHAHAHAHA) you can read her response here and yours truly.




Nana <3







The bears and rocky.




Not long after the soft launch,Idarts Gold came up with an event featuring the latest hitz  'Oppa GANGNAM Style' that is so popular WORLD WIDE !I'm so amused by their creativity of the events they come up with !




Contestants were required to show their 'GANGNAM' dance moves and you'll win RM600 worth of limited edition darts.All contestants who participates will get a tower of beer for free automatically.




It was super entertaining to watch !Thumbs up to everyone who participated !




The crowd was crazy.




Some of our friends took part too.




The girls and i.




Last but not least,a very entertaining video that i recorded during that night.ENJOY !


There will be more and more events coming up in the future in Idarts Gold,log on to their FB PAGE(add them) and stay tuned for more fun and crazy events !

Here's a directory in case you get lost in Puchong !

i Darts Gold Map


Address :

Puchong Selangor.


For reservations please call, 03-80638775

Monday, August 27, 2012

5 monthsary dinner at Sage restaurant and wine bar.

I am finally done with my first paper !Considering this is also the crucial one among all subjects i am happy that its over.But the bad news is i was late for my exam this morning due to the horrendous 2 hour jam that i'm stuck in and usually it will only take me 45mins to get to college ,but thank god i managed to finish my essays on time.It was an instant relief after i've hand up my paper.But knowing that i would do better if i had extra time just frustrates me.Imagine you're stuck in a jam and you can't do anything,the only thing you can do is slowly look at the time slipping and everyone has already starting their paper looking at questions,you're still in the car that is not moving at all.Knowing the fact that you'll be at least an hour late for your exam,and there were no use panicking.Okay i did cry for a bit,cause i was so ready to sit for the paper but the stupid jam had to ruin everything.By the time i arrived,there was only 40mins left!On the bright side,at least i was allow to sit for it.Fingers cross !


Now everything is over,i shall not dwell on it anymore !Time to look forward and focus on my next exam :) Just wanted to use some free time to blog about something that makes me happy now!

Khye and I celebrated our 5monthsary before he headed back to Melbourne.I have been so busy with classes i didn't have the time to really spend some quality time with him.And both of us are always going out with a bunch of friends together or we'll just stay in for the night and make dinner at home due to my morning class the next day,he didn't had the chance to really bring me out for dinner.So when i'm finally free,he brought me to Sage.Though he always tells me that he is not good at choosing restaurants in KL cause he is not always around to keep him up to date.Well Sage is already too good!It doesn't really matter where,as long we'll have all the time to ourselves.I just love the fact that we can have small talks over dinner,and it always make me feel like as if its our first date.So it doesn't really matter where we're going,i appreciate the fact that he wanted to bring me out for dinner.That's what matters !


Sage is located on the 6th floor of The Gardens Residence that serves French and Japanese fusion.

Their complimentary bread is served warm with basil olive dip.Its hard to find a resturant that serves warm bread nowadays !


The restaurant provides a very classy and peaceful ambiance.The service was great.The staffs were very attentive and prompt.




Appetizers .

First time trying beef carpaccio with miso paste and raw seaweed.The taste were a little too bland but it was something different than the usual carpaccio with parmesan and rocket leafes.




Lobster soup with huge scallops .




His choice - Beef Rossini with Roasted Foie Gras and Red Wine Sauce.

Khye is like a big fan of foie gras,i'm sure this is defenitely a very satisfactory dinner for him.Beef and foie gras can be too filling to a lot of people but not Khye.Khye is like a dinasour,beef and foie gras will forever be in his dictionary.I often nag about his hardcore diet,and he'll have to succumb to me forcing him eating greens whenever we're together.I remembered i brought him for vegetarian once,i'll never forget the look on his face !Hahaha !




I am also a beef lover,but i've been trying to cut down.

So i ordered the Aiguillette of Glazed Duck Breast with Radish and Foie Gras.Almost couldn't finish my main course !It was already so filling with the foie gras and duck,i don't know how can he finish all the beef and foie gras T____T

I almost wanted to order extra radish to balance up the flavours of the foie gras.






Still gave in to dessert at the end though i already felt like a balloon and about to burst any time soon.

Dark Chocolate Fondant with Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream.I like order everything that has something to do with Earl Grey.The reason why i fell in love with Earl Grey is because Lex Deux Garcons in Bangsar serves this really divine Earl Grey sponge cake.Hence why I couldn't resist but to order the Earl Grey Tea ice cream they have on the menu.




Chocolate oozing out ..WARM.Plus together with the ice cream,i didn't really care about my bloated stomach anymore and even the bf who didn't want dessert at first couldn't resist but to share it with me.




Thank you :)










Eeeeek that smile ! *butterflies in stomach*







Till we meet again xx



My heel broke(i kinda jinx it in the car) and i had to buy another pair of shoes !Thank god it broke the shopping mall.So we went to Aldo and i end up getting flats cause i give up walking in high heels.














After looking at all the food pictures,my stomach is rumbling right now.Time for lunch !

Till then xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aquasonic soft launch | party underwater.

Was invited to Aquasonic's soft launch sometime last month,hell yeah to all party goers near Subang/Sunway area !Another new club is born!!If you're a hardcore clubber,you might probably know of the club 'Opera' at Sunway Pyramid,but now Aquasonic has taken up 10,000 square feet of the party space and shares the place with Celcom Blue Cube and Studio Lounge.


Unlike any other ordinary clubs in town,Aquasonic is designated with the theme water,it makes you feel like you’re entering an enormous underwater aquarium. With the spectacular underwater environment, the club is predominantly decorated in blue hues while wave lighting is used to exemplify the effect even more.




The entrance of the club.Does it somehow remind you of the entrance of the underwater world of all places ?I feel like i've stepped into a different world,totally lost track of time and reality.Everything looks so magical.It makes me think of mermaids,unicorns and the galaxy.




First thing we did was checking out the bar !It was so colorful that i just wanted to check it out myself !I'm easily attracted to contrasting colors.The bar looks very sci-fi ish and edgy !In fact the whole place is full of purple and green ish lights,which is was uber cool !




My party buddies for the night !Cute couple and what a cute pose!Hahahahaha.




Tim trying to sneak behind Yuki and Vivian and listen to their secret conversations..

Tim,stop trying.




Michelle and yours truly.She's getting married soon!So happy for her :')

And i'm loving her dip dye pink hair !!!Though Khye is strongly against it.I always tell him he doesn't know how to appreciate.Just becaus he thinks its ugly !!!!I believe if you get the right color and you can pull it off,nothing will ever look weird or ugly !




The MHB girls.




Edric and Khye .Posers alert !!








With Vivian and Jane.I'm so in love with the pictures i took that night !Thanks to the sepcial 3D LED lighting my pictures looks so colorful !




The lights just make you wanna dance and party even harder.




How cool is the 3D effect !??




They have their own dancers who dresses up like space dolls with groovy dance moves for your entertainment that makes you wanna tap your feet and join them !

You'll also find a beautiful mermaid tempting and teasing Aquasonic partygoers as Aquasonic has its own mermaid - this is a real-life lady swimming around in her own glass aquarium as the world around her parties it up.



Last but not least,a picture of me and Khye  <3

Mr.peanut !



If you're not familiar with Subang area,here's the address to guide you !

Located at:

Aquasonic - Oasis Boulevard,

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


For reservations,you can call 016 223 9823 or email to : .For more information,log on to or  FB page  for their opening promotion!Happy hours are from 4pm till 10pm !


If you haven't made any plans yet for this weekend,i think there's a place that is just right for you to go !Happy partying!!