Monday, January 18, 2016

Rottnest Island


As I was going through my pictures, I realized I don't have many pictures taken for Rottnest! There are so much nicer views that I could have shared but I guess I was having too much fun at that time.

Also I felt like I haven't done or explored much on the island, if I am given another chance, I'd definitely make a trip back!

This is a definitely must go to when you are visiting Perth. I mean, there really isn't much in the city besides having brunch and coffee all day. And there's only so much you can shop. If you're up for some adventure and willing to stray a little further, Rottnest is the ideal place for a getaway.

 Getting there 

Ferries are the only way to get to Rottnest. We booked our tickets online via Rottnest Express and paid about AUD90 (RM270) per person. The earliest ferry departs at 7.15am and the last ferry back to Fremantle would be 7.10pm. You might want to catch the earliest ferry so that you could have the whole day spent there! Trust me, a day might not even be enough for you to explore the whole island. The ferry ride takes about 45mins, so be sure to bring a book to keep yourself entertained!

DSC02026 . . DSC02024

Things to eat / do around  

There are a few local cafes and restaurants you can go to on the island for lunch or a quick bite. We had some pies and juices at a local bakery before we started going around. You can also get some snacks or local produce for later at the general store. 

At Rottnest, you can either rent a bicycle to tour around free and easy ( it saves up lots of time too). But if you happen to not know how to ride a bike like me, you can always buy a ticket and hop on in an air conditioned coach and let it take you around!

The Discover Rottnest tour stops at key vantage points around the island and you can hop off wherever you feel like it. After all, you have a choice of over 63 secluded beaches and 20 bays to choose to go to, you are spoilt for choice! There is a time schedule for you to catch the next coach and head to the following destination. Be sure you keep track on your time! The last coach leaves around 6pm, and they will be sending you back to the port to catch the last ferry back to Fremantle. 

There are other activities such as snorkeling, boat tours, segway tours and many more. You can always check out their official site for more information. As for us, we went on a R&R trip. Just to wind down and to be surrounded by the beautiful sandy landscape.



Things to bring 

The key is to pack light so you can travel around freely. But here are a few life saving items that I think you have to pack along with you.

1) Sun screen IS A MUST. Do not underestimate the Australian sun. They burn like a b*tch.

2) I'd advice you to bring a backpack instead of a sling bag especially if you're going to travel by foot on the island. You will thank me for this. I'm speaking through my experience! Its no fun to carry heavy water bottles and other items around with a sling bag. We were stupid enough too bring a duffel that has no straps on it, but you shouldn't be.

3) Bring your own towels / mat if you want to find a spot to chill!

4) Water. Do remember to always bring water with you because you won't get any once you pass the general store and restaurants. I'd suggest you bring a litre for each person to last for a full day. Do keep yourself hydrated at all times especially when you are exposed under the hot sun.

5) Your other essential items eg. camera, sunglasses. Don't bother packing food or snacks because you can always buy them at the local cafe or the general store on the island.

   DSC02068 . DSC02051

Though the sun was beaming hot, the waters were too cold for a swim. I really wanted that swim!!! 


If you are lucky, you might spot a Quokka or two! This little fella came out of nowhere when we were tanning. Quokka's are the cutest thing alive. 

But one thing is that they poop everywhere around, so you might want to keep an eye on them in case you get Quokka poop on your towels / clothes. Other than that they are really friendly! I really like having them around.



Raiding our bags for food! 


We had the whole beach to ourselves as there wasn't a single human being on the beach. The perks of having 63 beaches on an island, everyone gets their own privacy! 

IMG_8944  collage1

Catching the last coach back!

The irony lol 

I hope you get an idea of what you can do in Perth / Rottnest! If one day isn't enough, you can always stay overnight! They have a few hotels and lodges that you can choose from. I'm pretty sure it'll be an unforgettable vacation spot for everyone at Rottnest.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Get healthy with Oishi Green Tea!


Now the holiday season is over, I guess everyone has already gone back to their daily routine and whatnot. Just hoping that you guys started your New Years with a bang and it just gets better in the year of 2016!

I don’t usually set my New Year resolutions because I know the fact that it’ll be forgotten in a few weeks. Every year I try to pick up what I’ve left behind, hoping that I’ll challenge myself to complete what I’ve started but it just never happens.

But if I were to have a resolution, I’d try to change my diet and cut down the intake of sugar and high sodium food.

Sweet and refreshing drinks are my biggest guilty pleasure. Especially in such a hot weather we live in. I can go on being a vegetarian for a week but I don’t think I can survive by not having my daily dose of soft drinks/juices which is really bad for me. I KNOW. I just crave for them wherever I go.

Well its good for me now that I’ve discovered Oishi Green Tea. I’ve recently received this bento box package that comes in four different flavors – Original, Genmai, Honey Lemon, Lemon Black Tea.

Well there are plenty of Green Tea beverages in the market, but what makes Oishi Green Tea so special is that they are being brewed from 100% organic tea leaves grown on certified organic plantations and only uses natural ingredients in their beverages. I have tried it, and it is really really good. The tea itself is fragrant and not overly sweetened which makes it extremely refreshing to drink.

As we all know that Green Tea are rich in antioxidants, speeds up metabolism ( we want those calories gone!) , they prevent diseases like cancer or heart disease. And they’re great for detoxing too!

And instead of having my daily dose of unhealthy sugary soft drinks, I get so much benefits from drinking green tea! I’d give Oishi Green Tea a go for a change! For a healthier lifestyle and if I want to make those abs happen lolol

They now come in smaller size of 300ml , its easier to carry around and you don’t have to worry about not finishing your drinks anymore! And I can pack it with me to the gym or anywhere I go.

I personally Genmai and honey lemon the most!



And I think it’s a good beverage for parties too! You don’t really need to prepare much, but if you’d like something more tasty, you can always add lemon slices or other fruits such as peaches, mint leaves, and green apples ( they’re super yums ) 

I’m already salivating by looking at this picture. And it is 36 degrees outside, maybe I should go make myself a drink now :p

Go give it a try and let me know how you love it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello westcoast of Australia!


I finally made a trip down in Perth to visit one of my best friend who has migrated and is living there now. It took her forever to convince me to make a trip to Perth simply because I have been told by my other friends that there is nothing much to see and to do in Perth. 

Honestly I didn't know what to expect at first, but it turns out that I love it there! I actually enjoyed so much of my time there and I got a little emotionally attached to the place. Trust me when I say I don't get emotionally attached easily. But somehow Perth has a special place in my heart.

To those who followed me on Instagram might already know that I love going to the beach. The waters in Perth are insane. There are so many beaches to hop around and every island is an adventure. I felt so carefree and happy all the time. Time passes so fast when I'm in Perth, it wasn't enough. It was one of the greatest moments spent in year 2015. I will talk more about island hopping in Perth in my next post! Just want to save the best for the last. And I was lucky enough to get a Quokka selfie! 


 DSC01922 . DSC01925 

A morning stroll at the Fremantle market also known as Freo is a must. They offer a wide variety of produce and it is a great place for food and art as well!

 DSC01930  IMG_8432 

Found this at the market and I fell in love with it. It feels like eating cotton candy but a less sweeter version. And the taste of the honey is so fragrant! Inspired by a centuries old Bohemian recipe, this cake is a unique combination of alternating light, honey-flavoured layers with smooth, creamy caramel topped with fresh walnuts and ground honey crumbs.

I wish I had gotten some back to Malaysia. It was so good. 
Kings park. A green oasis in the concrete jungle of a major city. The best place to go for a jog and to spend some me time with an incredible view. Except that it was super cold during winter I was literally freezing my ass off.



Vegan cafes and joints are highly popular in Australia. Took my dad to one of the recommended cafes and he loved it. People often think that vegan dishes are tasteless and bland, but it has been improved tremendously. More and more people are adapting to the vegan lifestyle, and they're putting lot of effort to improve the taste and quality of the dishes so that people can be convinced and to be healthy too! What we had was quite tasty. I am impressed!

I still love my regular food especially fried chicken - my greatest guilty pleasure, but I try not to have meat for day everyone once a week now. I think I can go without having meat for 2-3 days and its actually not that bad.

IMG_8321  IMG_8335

Vegan lovers to check it out! 

Flora and Fauna
70 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA

 DSC01953  DSC01971 (1)  


. IMG_8533


Life in Perth and every parts in Australia involves a lot of brunching. Apparently I was taken to one of the best brunch place in Perth. Not too shabby but it was rather too filling for me.

 224 Carr Place, Leederville.

These guys are everywhere! 

Back then when I had a balayage. Was trying to be adventurous but I guess sometimes its best to be comfortable!

 DSC01984 . DSC01987 
Mandarin pudding. Too pretty to be destroyed. 


Harvest Espresso 

629 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
(08) 9355 5884
Open 7 days a week / Monday to Sunday 7:00AM - 4:00PM



Vineyard hopping along Swan Valley! Just a lazy Sunday with lots of wine tasting and wine shopping. Even visited the chocolate factory and had lots of gelato.

 DSC02193 . IMG_9097 
Comfort food. Pies, mash and steak!

Penny Garden Restaurant
4752 West Swan Road
West Swan, WA 6055


Was pretty lucky to be catching Cirque Du Soleil after such a long time. My very first time watching them was 8 years ago in Sydney, and this time round in Perth! 

The show TOTEM was beyond amazing! My favorite show would be bowl tossing by the unicyclists with their feet over their shoulders while some of them would have to catch it with their head. And the bowls comes in stacks! It is definitely a crazy skill to have. I can't even ride a regular bicycle :/

This is one of the highlights during my trip.


Dinner at Ciao Italia on my last night in Perth. This place has been operating by an Italian family for ages. If you want legit Italian food, always go to Ciao! But do note that there will be a long queue unless you reach early before it opens. 

A bowl of hot chili mussels during winter. I'm sold.


 The portions are large enough to feed 3-4 people. 



I just had the best Tiramisu in my life. For now its by far the best. I haven't been to Italy yet so I can't compare. But I guess its authentic enough since the chef himself is Italian. Oh man, I'm just craving really badly for it right now.  

Ciao Italia 

273 Mill Point Road,
South Perth, Cnr Douglas Ave
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