Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sanofi Lactacyd – VVV

I can’t believe I have graduated! The past three years has been a roller coaster ride, but nonetheless I made it J Its kind of daunting to think of what to do next especially I’m currently unemployed. I’d always wanted to do something that has to do with the music or blogging industry, and I’m very grateful that my parents are supportive in every way, they never stopped me from doing what I like. Not a lot of people get to follow their heart’s desire these days.

It does feel good to be the master of your own trade, doing something that seems as natural as breathing for you.

Starting your own business is something many of us dream of. It sounds wonderful, doesn´t it – being your own boss? However, starting your own business is not that simple, most small businesses need at least some funding to get started, whether it´s for renting premises, building a website, buying stock or purchasing equipment. You will need to either fund it yourself from savings, obtain a loan from a bank or family, or apply for a grant (which will probably only cover part of the cost, assuming you get one). It does sound really difficult to achieve and complicated, but now, things are about to get better !

Lactacyd will be giving young entrepreneurs a chance to start up their businesses. In order to take that opportunity, all you have to do is join a contest and the winner gets a start up business fund of RM30,000. Go check it out at

All you have to do is :
1)  Log on to the Lactacyd "Veni, Vidi, Vici" Contest Facebook app, register your details and tell us your brilliant business idea.
2)   The GRAND PRIZE WINNER at the end of the contest period wins a business start-up package worth RM30,000!
3)   The TOP 10 FINALISTS will also be given the opportunity to have 1-on-1 interview sessions with women of substance from top international companies to receive first-hand tips. 
4)   There’ll be two phases in the contest :
Phase 1 – Initial entry & voting (10 September 2014 – 10 October 2014)
Ten (10) finalists will be selected based on highest votes to proceed to Round 2

Phase 2 – Finalist entry & voting (4 November 2014 – 21 November 2014)
One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected based on highest vote                       

Dreams can certainly be achieved slowly, all you have to do is believe in yourself and take a leap of faith! Good luck guys xx     

Between, for your information Lactacyd has presence in the global market for more than 30 years’ and makes it the top, renowned, reliable feminine hygiene wash brand in the world. 
I would say Lactacyd is a trusted product when come in specific care for women V-zone. As my family is consist of 90% women so we have been a loyal user for their product. Thanks to my mom who has been educating me the importance of taking care of our V-zone started since my puberty period. 

Also, I’m glad to tell that I have basically tried all the product from Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene , Lactacyd Soft & Silky , Lactacyd White Intimate, Lactacyd Revitalize, and Lactacyd All Day Fresh. Other than providing basic cleansing, the products give additional benefits such as moisturizing, skin lightening, keeping skin firm and smooth and all-day freshness.  

Girl, you should take care yours started from today. 
You can check out for more detailed product information that cater to your needs.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Luggage dilemma!

Anytime you’re traveling, you need luggage so knowing the best carry on suitcases is invaluable. The right one allows you to keep important items with you on an airplane and saves you the trouble of having to check your baggage if you can get everything into your carry on. 
My choice for luggages will always be Rimowa! Knowing that they're the pioneers of all luggages that is not only known for their superb qualities and services, they're also trendy and fashionable! The unique company history of RIMOWA is an impressive tale of how tradition and innovation have come together to create an international success. The RIMOWA factory (named after Richard Morszeck, the son of the founder) has been based in Cologne since 1898 and is now in the third generation of family management under owner Dieter Morszeck. With a long historyin Cologne, the family business has grown to conquer the travel industry and is now one of the world’s leading premium brands in the luggage segment.

Paid a visit at Rimowa that is location in Pavillion earlier this June, it was a great experience and I get to pick one of the luggages that I always wanted!

Goal For Rimowa 0355

High-quality raw materials are used to produce RIMOWA suitcases, and wherever possible these are sourced exclusively from regional partners with excellent standards. For instance, a material know as virgin polycarbonate is used to manufacturethe polycarbonate suitcase shells without exception – in order to guarantee products of the highest quality. The principle of sustainability also applies to aluminium suitcases from RIMOWA. The pure aluminium that is used can be fully recycled, which means it can enter the material cycle at any time.


If you’re traveling home for the holidays, it’s time to give some thought to packing and for this, lightweight luggage is definitely best. If you are carrying souvenirs that will add weight to your clothes, lightweight luggage is going to ease the burden on your allowance. polycarbonate suitcases are premium design products made of the best materials and in top quality. Special advantages of this collection include its extremely light weight and very high durability. The suitcase shells are nearly break-resistant because they are elastic and yield under pressure. Once the pressure is eliminated, they automatically return to their original shape. The strong shell also has great inner qualities. 




A demonstration on packing light but sufficient for 1 week's trip.


The lightweight design of RIMOWA suitcases such as this Salsa Deluxe means thatwomen can rest assured there is plenty of room for clothes and accessories. Extrastorage space can be created when items are packed in the correct way. There are afew simple steps to follow here.First, shoes should be placed in dust bags in the lower shell. Also pack make-upbags and any other heavy objects in this part of the case. A heavy lower shelloptimises the distribution of weight and makes it easier to move your luggage. Fill theupper shell with light and delicate clothes, such as suits, silk dresses, cashmeresweaters and blouses. Place shirts and blouses on top of each other with the collarsin opposite directions. This way, everything will arrive at your destination safely andwithout creases.


Everyone seems to be in a huge dilemma while choosing their luggages. There are too many of them and they all look good and have different function in their own ways! I already spent 30mins on deciding the colours.

Goal For Rimowa 0183

Dennis and I - The chocolate stealer :p
Goal For Rimowa 0186    

One of the most essential basic of travelling is choosing the right luggage, and it is a great investment! If you're travelling the next time, you'll know where to go to for luggages!

You can get RIMOWA in Pavilion, Level 2, Fashion Avenue and in Gardens Mall Southcourt, Ground floor.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Travelling essentials x

Travelling is one of the greatest hobby and pleasure I enjoy the most, it presents an adventure of a lifetime and opportunity for me to see the world. And travelling does somehow allows me to get to know myself better, leaving me to learn to see things in different perspectives, leading to a happier and healthier life.



When it comes to travelling, these are the daily essentials that I’ll always be bringing along with me.

Always make proper preparations prior to leaving home – i.e. keep copies of your passports and visas on hand, your ATM card and credit card information, your birth certificate and driver’s license info, as well as any other important documents.
Secondly, you can always still look good while you travel! I am quite vain when it comes to dressing up, I need my basic lip colors and also lip balm especially if I’m travelling in a cold country. I take my lips quite seriously lol and I love my hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn that smells like roses. Of course the are also the basic essentials such as sunglasses, camera and watches to keep me in time!


Aside of the basic essentials and girly stuffs, I also take my vitamins very seriously. Its not always just about the looks I care about! One thing I realize about myself is that travelling screws up my hormones and my skin, and these vitamins and daily supplements does help me to maintain my all-round health.

I get my multi vitamins from Vitahealth, Selenium keeps my energy high, and my mood optimal. And it is good especially for thyroids! The Primolin Vitagla helps me to regulate my menstrual and relieves the pain during my period. You have no idea how much pain a girl has to go through during their period unless you’re a girl you would understand. This natural oils and vitamins are my long life savior.
For many months now, I have been in love with the collagen supplements from Lo Hong Ka. I’m currently on my third bottle and the results of my skin are just great! It’s honestly the best one I’ve found so far. My skin tone has improved dramatically as it is more hydrated and it gives my face the perfect fresh glow. With time, I learned to choose quality over quantity when it comes to beauty products.

The other thing that I can’t live without is their Pearl Anew, which is basically pearl powder that is rich in calcium and allows me to sleep better too! I have also been mixing them to my nighttime moisturizer so that my skin will become fairer. Only recently, I started to discover the amazing benefits of calcium. As I exercise quite often, I’d like to know that my bones would still be strong when I am older. Plus, calcium actually keeps you slim and reduce PMS !!!

Last but not least, travel buddies are the reason why your trips are much more fun!

So blessed to have friends around who offer to take you out and show you around even though they’re really tied up with work and studies.

Will be updating more! Stay tuned for more travel posts xx