Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIGI music festival | 100% music ZERO data charges

As a musician and a music lover myself, it is always fun and exciting to attend all sorts of music related events. Its such a great way to discover and grow, and also an opportunity to get to know more of other musicians and to learn from, keeping up to date on all that’s going on in the industry.


Attended DIGI’s music festival last week at their amazing headquarters, and it was such an amazing experience! I got to know more about the local industry and the talents, and watching them perform was pretty inspiring.


And the best part is that DIGI has launched their latest DIGI music freedom app that brings unlimited streaming to all music lovers like us! There are so many awesome apps for music lovers such as Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and etc. They’re the ultimate entertainment source, but also the killer for our phone data charges. The good thing is that now with DIGI, you can get a 100% Music with ZERO data charges which to me it is quite promising.


Me with the Spotify van during the festival. Such a cute ride!




These are all the supported apps that you can stream it for FREE.


You can now download at app at any Google Play or Apple App store! They’re now giving 90adys of free streaming when anyone subscribes to the Music Freedom pass from now until the 30TH of June.


Quite a sweet deal I’d say! We are quite delighted to hear that coming :D 

Hurry up and download Digi Music Freedom in your phone: 100%music, zero data charges: DIGI download 

Digi has now brought you the remix version of Elizabeth Tan’s Knock Knock! 
The remix version contains a cross music genre featuring Bunkface, Diandra, Narmi, Genji and Shawn Lee with Digi Music Freedom!

Click here to watch Knock Knock MV: Youtube

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Taeyang world tour | RISE

Attended Taeyang's concert recently and the only word I can describe is LOVEEEEEEEE!

And because of Kaching Malaysia, I was really lucky to be given passes to his concert, furthermore I get to meet him in person! I do know some of his songs pretty well so I was pretty excited about it, and its like 'Hey, I get to meet Taeyang you know. '

But what I didn't know is that, after that day onwards, I became super obsessed with him and all of his news and etc. I spammed the replay button of his song ' I need a girl' for don't-know-how-many times.

OMG, what's happening to me.

Honestly, watching him LIVE is one of my most memorable experience ever. It is also a plus point for me to learn as a musician! The way he interprets his songs and how he sings it with all his emotions really gave me chills. If only he could sing me to sleep every night I'd be super freaking happy.

HAHAHAHA! Day dreaming is not a sin, please don't hate me for that :p

Anyhow, some updates of the concert last week!

Brought the bestie along to watch this concert with me, she was equally excited as I am. But somehow I'm the only one who became obsessive. Hur hur.

We got there earlier and hung out at the Kaching booth. Got interviewed by Wind. He asked me how excited I am to watch the concert in the ratio of 1% to 100%. My answer was 90%. The other 10% was a slight disappointment for not getting to have him HAHAHAHAHAAHA. I know, I'm a little bit crazy.


 A selfie before the concert starts! 



The session was fairly short, but it was still awesome to get to be close to him. Hehehehe. We were only allowed to take group pictures cause selfie's are not allowed after the whole K pop and muslim girl's fiasco. Unless you do it sneakily. I wish I did it but I was too obedient to the rules and regulations.
But the good thing is....... HE ACTUALLY STOOD NEXT TO ME!!!!!!

So I did something every fan girl would do. ( Taeyang fans please don't kill me)


I cropped him out. HE AND I together. Hahahaha.

 I find it funny and its seriously not a big deal and this picture is super harmless. People need to get over the fact that I'm trying to gain attention or whatever. Calm down dude. Anyhow, meeting him was a dream come true, and he just has this aura that makes me really shy to stare at him!

Thank you Kaching Malaysia for making dreams come true. I hope there's more to come!!

Also, I did a cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips recently before he came for his concert. Took me sometime to get the Korean pronunciation right, though its still not a hundred percent but that's the best I can do! Hope you guys enjoyed my version of Eyes, Nose, Lips :)

In conjunction of Valentine's Day, Kaching Malaysia will be giving out 10 pair of movie tickets! All you need to do is check out their page and find out more about the contest they're running now and stand a chance to win!

Kaching Valentine's Day

Good luck guys! And have a great Valentine's Day celebration while I'm cruising on a ship to Thailand now hehe.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ombak Villa | Royalty getaway.

Had a wonderful 3 days 2 nights staycation at Langkawi in conjunction of Chef Wan’s meet and greet event hosted by Erik’s talent management.

Anticipated so much for this trip cause I needed a getaway so badly and it didn’t disappoint me at all. I have been to Langkawi a few times and this time round is another eye opening experience and I feel like I have yet to discover Langkawi a little more now!


 The place we stayed at - Ombak Villa, was just beyond amazing!


This luxurious property sits close to the ocean, you will find an infinity pool where you can actually enjoy your time chilling (that's where I spent most of my time at) and that's where breakfast is served.


This is such a breathtaking place! Staffs who works here are truly blessed to be in such a lovely working environment.


. DSC06538

Checked into our gorgeous room!!

Ombak Villa Suites, a perfect blend of traditional Malay architecture with modern contemporary interior design.
The stunning suite combines modern amenities with unparalleled peace and tranquillity. A private balcony and expansive garden — ideal for romantic dinners hosted under the stars — lead off from the graceful living area, complete with a state-of-the-art entertainment center.



Room selfie!


The whole crew barged into Chef Wan's personal space - The Seroja Suites.


The Seroja suites are furnished with traditional Malaysian antiques that will astound you. You can hang around the spacious living room or at the outdoor patio for reading or relaxing that leads to an infinity sea view, this place has all you want in a holiday destination.


You can take long walks at the foot of the property that acts as your private access to the beach. And there is only 2 units of it!


Along with your own private terrace space, four post bed and a huge jaccuzi bathtub,  this villa is the best place to feel like a royalty.



One of the things that I look forward the most to! Lunch time! We had an opportunity to dine with Chef Wan and to actually interact with him in person. It was really casual and he’s just very down-to-earth and funny. I like how he’s very direct and he speaks his mind. Which inspires me to just be who I am and to genuinely be myself.


The food served at Ombak Villa is incredibly sumptuous. I never had much chance to try authentic Malay dishes, but now I have! Even Chef Wan praised that the food is top notch. So I guess you know what kind of standard they are providing!


We had a whole table of dishes. I guess this is how royalty dines :p

From rendang, curry, steam fish, sambal belacan salad and other dishes. Whipped up my plate seconds! The Soto Ayam is incredibly tasty, I can’t get enough of it.



Went on a cruise tour in the evening after our late lunch! A MUST-DO activity when you’re in Langkawi.



The lovely Neena!


With the gorgeous girls : Neena, Dawn and Natalia.

Though it was only a few hours getaway, but it was perfect. We had a couple of drinks, there were also yummy food on board! We even had a few crew members from France who looks after the passengers. They’re such fun people to hang out with! With the music blasting, everyone danced their evening away until the sun sets.


It was such a perfect seam, to end an amazing day.


Day two was all about relaxing! We spent most our time at the infinity pool at Ombak Villa. It was rather quiet so we basically had the whole pool by ourselves which was awesome. It gives people more privacy and cheers to some peace and quiet!


Took a dip overlooking the ocean. Couldn’t be more blessed to be there!



With the roomie. Yummy mocktails and juices that is served from the Villa’s restaurant.






We were so honored to get to taste Chef Wan’s cooking! He did a full demo on cooking Malaysian’s authentic cuisine. I was salivating all the way while watching.


The media and members.


The prawn and pancakes were my favourite. I finally get to know how it feels like to watch cooking demos LIVE and on TV!

IT IS WAY MUCH BETTER. Consider I get to taste it after its done :D

IMG_3539 . IMG_3541


The night ended with another round of Charades and drinks by the bistro! It was really wonderful to meet new people and also interact with different bloggers who works in different fields too!

IMG_3604 . IMG_3436

For more information, please visit www.langkawilagoonresort.com