Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bonjour Paree!

Lightroom paris-3

It was almost surreal that I was given an opportunity to travel to Paris and London for a media trip alongside with with two fashion editors from Malaysia and another social media influencer from Singapore.

Although it was only a short three days, I had the most incredible time there.

Lightroom paris-2 
My hotel room in Paris where I spent my first night in ordering room service (Who doesn't love room service!). With its peaceful and quaint location, Pavillion De La Reine is a perfect bolthole. It just felt like I'm in a total different world whenever I'm back at the hotel. It was the perfect place for some me time. And they have the most romantic terrace ever! 

The courtyard view looking down from my room balcony. Flowers were starting to bloom as Spring approaches.

Lightroom paris-4-side 
The hotel serves really good breakfast. Those fluffy scrambled eggs and croissants with caramel sauce were my favorite. What I miss the most would be the pastries in Paris. Gosh I wish I could have some of it right at this moment! 

 Lightroom paris-6

Shopping Experience 

No trip will ever be completed without spending a day or two, purely enjoying the shopping experience in Paris. Many would describe Paris as the heaven of luxury goods. But if you'd love to stretch a little more, enjoy greater savings but getting the same quality goods, chic outlet shopping villages are always the best choice.

Outlet malls are literally the best place to enjoy greater savings, and La Vallee offers a range of shopping services such as special packages, VIP chic lounge, handsfree shopping, tax free shopping and more.

It was my first time visiting La Vallee Village and I was of course very excited to be there especially after I found out that they carry some of my favorite brands such as Givenchy, Maje, Valentino and etc.

Getting to La Vallee isn't difficult, it takes about 20-30mins drive from Paris City Center. The easiest way is to book a shopping express luxury coach or personal chauffeur via Chic Outlet Shopping's directory app. You can download it via this link. 

Or even better, you can pay a fee small fee of 85Euros to gain an exclusive package that includes :
  • Shopping Express®: return tickets on the luxury coach service from central Paris to the Village.
  • 10% saving: VIP Card providing a further savings on purchases in six boutiques of your choice in the Village.
  • One-course lunch: at Pret A Manger.
  • €50 Gift Card: can be used in the boutiques and restaurants of your choice in La Vallée Village. (Gift Card available for Adult packages only).

Lightroom paris-7-side

Since La Vallee is situated near Euro Disneyland, shopper mums can always grant themselves a little retail therapy while sending their kids to their very own hideaway.

Upon arrival, we were taken to the chic lounge for some coffee and snacks to fuel ourselves before exploring the village. The chic lounge basically is a place for shoppers who wants to enjoy some privacy and comfort after a long day spent browsing every store in the village! 

They can also keep themselves entertained with some magazines, tv shows and light refreshments as they wait for their friends or family members to be done with their shopping.

Lightroom paris-12 
It was a weekday so the village isn't as packed, weather was great too! It was the only day I could wear a skirt out for a stroll.
 Lightroom paris-9-side

There are so many brands that I love in La Vallee!


My travel partner for the entire week. Meet Christabel from Singapore! She is such a sweetheart, I really enjoyed her company throughout my trip. The things that we shared and experience we've gone through were so similar it made us feel like we've known each other for ages. And we had so much fun together! All those girly moments trying on different outfit at different stores, sharing our fashion opinions and make up tips!

Stopped by Givenchy and I couldn't help myself but bought a pair of white sneakers on a low price with an additional 10% off with the VIP card that comes in the exclusive package.Which is a pretty good steal I must say! I'm really happy and satisfied with my purchase. Furthermore I can get my VAT back!

Aside of the tempting discounts and sale, I was offered a handsfree shopping service which means I didn't have to carry my own purchases. Every items that I bought was delivered to the chic lounge and I just needed to collect them by end of the day before I leave. 

Shopping can never be more pleasurable and hassle free!

For more customer service and travelers information, you can visit www.ChicOutletShopping.com 


Just posing in front of one of my favorite store and admiring my own shots lol 

I was caught by surprise when we were brought to such a picturesque spot for lunch. Chateau De Ferrieres is simply breathtaking;with the magnificent big trees and glorious wooded grounds. And there is a restaurant situated right in the middle of this beautiful surrounding. 


It does feel like I'm in one of those fairy tale scene. We could all use some magical moment like this in our lives. 

Le Chai, a modern French restaurant we dined in was initially an old kitchen of the Chateau, but it has been renovated and turned into a restaurant with a mix of old exterior and modern interior with a rather cozy ambiance. I can't think of a place that is anymore perfect for social gatherings like this. 

We went back to the village for more shopping afterwards, and it seems like some of us did some impulsive shopping after a few glasses of wine! As long it makes us happy, it is worth it. Agree?

 Lightroom paris-16-side 

Everybody knows that escargot is a French delicacy and its highly popular among the locals. That's why we were brought L'escargot for dinner! Champagne and escargots, it was truly an authentic meal. I felt like a true Parisian.

Don't know how I feel about the escargots though. I think I enjoyed the champagne more than anything else. But I did finish my onion soup! It was delicious. It was kind of a comfort food for me. I drink a lot of soup back in Malaysia. Its just one of the things we have almost everyday.
Spent our last day sight seeing and had a very relaxing tour around the city before we took the Eurostar and continued our journey in London!

When Christabel and I found out that we are going to be touring Paris in a vintage Citroen convertible, we were literally squealing in excitement like little girls and didn't care about the people around us.

 Mandatory Eiffel tower shot. Christabel takes great pictures!

Lunch at Chez Ralph's at Ralph Lauren. The pillowcases were very American inspired!


 Lightroom paris-20 
There are plenty of sights in this French capital that you can explore, hopefully I'll be back in the future to visit the museums and historic sites! 

London post will be coming up real soon so stay tuned!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Combating winter!


Hey guys! Currently signing in from London, where I arrived last week. I was in Paris before this and I must say I am in love the French capital. From the historical buildings , culture and yes! The Parisian cafes and wine bars. They are the best place to cozy up in the cold and to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends or loved ones.

Every corner in Paris has its own beauty. The Parisian balconies in the hotel room does make me feel like I’m living in a storybook picture. Though it was only a short 3 days, I had my time well spent and hope to be back again in the future!


The weather is pretty pleasant in Paris, and because it is stepping into spring soon so the weather is getting warmer compared to London! 


My skin gets really dry and itchy in the winter, and the frigid wind makes it worse too (The wind here is so strong that it could smudge your make up off!) . In order to combat this matter and allow my skin to stay supple in the cold, here are my basic essential lists from top to toe!

Products from clock wise :

Peau Ultime premium Silk mask for hydrating and brightening

Ultra moisturizing rose handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn

Melvita Argan oil for top to toe. ( For hair, body and nails. It is super useful! )

Peau Ultime 6 in1 perfect face cream

But what I’d really want to stress on is the face products that I got from Peau Ultime. If you are plagued by dry skin, the Peau Ultime 6 in 1 perfect face cream may be just the skin savior you need. This face cream works as a serum and moisturizer, enriched with natural plant extracts, is easily absorbed that moisturizes and soothes your skin for long-lasting hydration.


This 6 in 1 cream contains anti inflammatory ingredients, which helps and gives you relief from irritation. Its suitable for sensitive skin users as well. The cream has a distinctive chamomile scent which I must say it might not be everyone's favorite.

Though of its thick and creamy texture, it doesn’t leave you with a greasy and oily feeling. I love how my make up is not flaky because my skin is so moisturize after applying this face cream!

Sheet masks are one of the must have essential during winter,  and skin masks are great for your skin especially if you’re on a holiday. They are light, and easy to pack along without having to take up too much luggage space.

What’s better is that Peau Ultime has introduced a new type of sheet masks that is called silk masks. The sheets are made of natural silk is used for medical treatment for bionic dermal burns. Silk contains 18 essential amino acids which includes a great nutritional value to human where the composition and structure are very similar to human skin.

Peau Ultime’s premium silk masks comes in a box of 6 sheets, 3 sheets of each for brightening and hydrating.


These silks masks has a unique design and texture that fits the contours of your face rather than just resting on top of your skin. You’ll get a brighter complexion after a regular use. And the hydrating and moisturizing effect is definitely faster and better compared to regular sheet masks. Just what I needed for a cold, winter day!


Its always good to feel pampered and refreshed :)

Always put your skin first, make up would be second! When you get good skin, your mood gets better too. For more information and value set prices, please log on to www.peauultime.com

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My latest skin brightening regime.


Leading an active lifestyle has always been my goals, and I went a little overboard last year by going on a lot of diving trips and beach holidays. I wanted to be adventurous, see the world and tick off my bucket list adventures as many as I can, and I don’t mind getting myself messy, tanned or being exposed under the sun for long hours of time.


Those are least of my concerns because nothing makes me happier than to be doing something I love. But its been mentioned a million times that sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer, so practicing a good sun protection is always a must whenever I am traveling or even I’m out on a daily basis. 


But what I did not realize it that no matter how hardworking you are on applying sun screen, the long hours of being exposed under the sun will still somehow take a toll on your skin. No matter how consistent you are on your skin regimen, pigmentation and spots will still build up after a period of time and they are quite stubborn to get rid of.

 I use to find exfoliating and whitening products very useful to lighten acne scars and spots but I guess that it because I was younger back then too. I only realized how much I have taken my skin for granted all these while and there is no turning back! 

I guess this is also the reason why women can never get enough of new, innovative beauty products hoping that they can find a suitable product that can help them with their present skin condition. 


I personally think that Estee Lauder’s Crescent White range is quite useful on targeting dark spots and pigmentation. I have reviewed them last year ( you can read it here


This year, they came up with a couple of new products in the Crescent White range that I have tried on for a couple of weeks.

Clockwise from the left : 

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Milky Emulsion – This emulsion is refreshing and light in texture. It helps to target the discoloration of the skin especially for people who has uneven skin tone. 

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Rich Moisture Creme – The cream is formulated with shea butter and avocado oil, which also means that this is a super moisturizing product. If you happen to work indoors with air conditioned environment, this might be a good product for you because it helps to hydrates your skin and keep them soft and supple. 

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB balm – This BB balm is a great touch up that contains SPF30 that helps prevent skin form harsh UV rays. It can be worn under make up or alone itself to achieve the radiant and natural look. 
Crescent White Full Cycle Intensive Hydrating Essence Mask – Indulgence that you will enjoy once in a while. This sheet mask is infused with Estee Lauder’s gentle spot-correcting actives; and all you need is 10 minutes to achieve a moist, smooth, plumped and bright skin! 


Last but not least, The Cresecent White Full Cycle Night Finishing Treatment. 


I’d personally highly recommend the Crescent White Full Cycle Night Finishing Treatment. The Crescent White Full Cycle Night Finishing Treatment can be used during the day and night, and it works in different ways during the day and night.

It comes in a white colored cream base in a compact case with a soft brush bristle that helps to spread the treatment onto your face. And because the texture of the brush is so delicate, I really enjoy the moment while applying the treatment because I feel really pampered! 

This creamy nightly treatment instantly soothes and leaves skin with a softer, smoother, more porcelain-looking finish. And it helps fights anti-irritants to help soothe irritation which can peak at night and lead to pigmentation. All you need to do is apply this treatment across your face at the end of your skin regime before you sleep! 


I really liked it after the first try and I can tell my skin was much radiant after the next day I woke up! Which is a really good feeling because I feel so motivated by the results and I wanted to see more changes hence I have been quite hard working to be sure that I use it every night before I sleep. I do feel that my skin tone has even out, and the spots are starting to be less visible. And the sensitivity of my skin has improved! 

 This versatile treatment can also be used as a highlighter for your forehead and nose or all over the face if you prefer, during the day after putting on your make up. Haven’t get to try it as a highlighter yet because I do not want to contaminate the brush with my face full of cosmetics. What was suggested is that I can use a sponge for it, but we’ll see! 

 Though the results aren’t drastic but I can slowly see the changes on my skin, I am quite excited about how is this product is going to help me with my pigmentation problems and all I need is to give it more time and hopefully my skin will be flawless in no time! 

 Head on over to http://www.esteelauder.com.my/skincare/crescent-white to learn more or visit Estee Lauder counters to get samples and try it out yourself!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Rottnest Island


As I was going through my pictures, I realized I don't have many pictures taken for Rottnest! There are so much nicer views that I could have shared but I guess I was having too much fun at that time.

Also I felt like I haven't done or explored much on the island, if I am given another chance, I'd definitely make a trip back!

Rottnest is definitely a must go if you are ever visiting Perth. I mean, there really isn't much in the city besides having brunch and coffee all day. And there's only so much you can shop. If you're up for some adventure and willing to stray a little further, Rottnest is the ideal place for a getaway.

 Getting there 

Ferries are the only way to get to Rottnest. We booked our tickets online via Rottnest Express and paid about AUD90 (RM270) per person. The earliest ferry departs at 7.15am and the last ferry back to Fremantle would be 7.10pm. You might want to catch the earliest ferry so that you could have the whole day spent there! Trust me, a day might not even be enough for you to explore the whole island. The ferry ride takes about 45mins, so be sure to bring a book to keep yourself entertained!

DSC02026 . . DSC02024

Things to eat / do around  

There are a few local cafes and restaurants you can go to on the island for lunch or a quick bite. We had some pies and juices at a local bakery before we started going around. You can also get some snacks or local produce for later at the general store. 

At Rottnest, you can either rent a bicycle to tour around free and easy ( it saves up lots of time too). But if you happen to not know how to ride a bike like me, you can always buy a ticket and hop on in an air conditioned coach and let it take you around!

The Discover Rottnest tour stops at key vantage points around the island and you can hop off wherever you feel like it. After all, you have a choice of over 63 secluded beaches and 20 bays to choose to go to, you are spoilt for choice! There is a time schedule for you to catch the next coach and head to the following destination. Be sure you keep track on your time! The last coach leaves around 6pm, and they will be sending you back to the port to catch the last ferry back to Fremantle. 

There are other activities such as snorkeling, boat tours, segway tours and many more. You can always check out their official site for more information. As for us, we went on a R&R trip. Just to wind down and to be surrounded by the beautiful sandy landscape.



Things to bring 

The key is to pack light so you can travel around freely. But here are a few life saving items that I think you have to pack along with you.

1) Sun screen IS A MUST. Do not underestimate the Australian sun. They burn like a b*tch.

2) I'd advice you to bring a backpack instead of a sling bag especially if you're going to travel by foot on the island. You will thank me for this. I'm speaking through my experience! Its no fun to carry heavy water bottles and other items around with a sling bag. We were stupid enough too bring a duffel that has no straps on it, but you shouldn't be.

3) Bring your own towels / mat if you want to find a spot to chill!

4) Water. Do remember to always bring water with you because you won't get any once you pass the general store and restaurants. I'd suggest you bring a litre for each person to last for a full day. Do keep yourself hydrated at all times especially when you are exposed under the hot sun.

5) Your other essential items eg. camera, sunglasses. Don't bother packing food or snacks because you can always buy them at the local cafe or the general store on the island.

   DSC02068 . DSC02051

Though the sun was beaming hot, the waters were too cold for a swim. I really wanted that swim!!! 


If you are lucky, you might spot a Quokka or two! This little fella came out of nowhere when we were tanning. Quokka's are the cutest thing alive. 

But one thing is that they poop everywhere around, so you might want to keep an eye on them in case you get Quokka poop on your towels / clothes. Other than that they are really friendly! I really like having them around.



Raiding our bags for food! 


We had the whole beach to ourselves as there isn't a single human being on the beach. The perks of having 63 beaches on an island, everyone gets their own privacy! 

IMG_8944  collage1

Catching the last coach back!

The irony lol 

I hope you get an idea of what you can do in Perth / Rottnest! If one day isn't enough, you can always stay overnight! They have a few hotels and lodges that you can choose from. I'm pretty sure it'll be an unforgettable vacation spot for everyone at Rottnest.
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