Sunday, July 5, 2015




We all love a spot for pampering, and sometimes there are way too many choices for us to choose from and with all the options, you don't really know where's the best place to go to. So far the only place I'd visit regularly would be the usual hair salon that I go to and maybe the massage parlor near my house!

I've been wanting to get a good facial but also a place that it is more convenient for me to visit and by chance, I came across Eternal! They have total 3 branches in Asia ( Jakarta, Bangkok, Malaysia) and apparently this is the place where all the Indonesian celebrities would go to for their facial and beauty services.

Eternal is located at the BRDB building right behind Bangsar Shopping Center where I usually gym at, so it is really convenient for me to get around and be productive without wasting too much time. I can now get my facial and workout done in a day #WIN

I was looking forward so much to my first facial experience at Eternal cause of the good reviews I've heard. To be honest, I slept through the whole session because it was so comfortable!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sights of DUBAI



Our Dubai trip was pretty spontaneous but it was also one of the most memorable trip I ever had!

It was my first time visiting Dubai, and I didn't know what to expect!

What I imagined was lots of desert, desert and more desert. But to my surprise, there there are actually lots of fun things and sights in Dubai that you can actually do, and it has exceeded my expectations!

Here's a list of what we did for the past 3 days in Dubai. We tried to fit everything into our schedule which I am pretty impressed that we covered everything that we needed to do and all the places to go!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ultimate dream job with Wobb

DSC07286 DSC07285 

I would say that I’m very fortunate to have a fun job working as a blogger and to be traveling and writing about things that I love. I mean, getting paid while you travel and talk about fashion and food? It sounds really promising already. But that’s not my ultimate dream job, I still want to do something that is related to music someday. Hopefully it will be soon! If you’ve recently graduated from college and you’re preparing to go after your dream job, snagging a good opportunity is probably a priority. But to be honest, not everyone gets to do what they want to do, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. And now with WOBB app, your dream job might just be waiting for you! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

SK-II Change Destiny



SK II has recently launched a campaign called #ChangeDestiny. It inspires young women to emphasizes that every choice you make can influence what is to come in the future, and challenges them to go beyond their everyday mundane routine in terms of their lifestyle and also their skin. Attended the launch and it was great to find out more about what the campaign is all about! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Boho chic look


Tourists have been flocking to visit Dubai for the last few years, this is my first time visiting and I had such a great time even its only a short 3 days there! The desert tour was beyond amazing, and we get to enjoy the traditional handicrafts and shows of folk songs and dance. And also ride a camel which I was pretty terrified of lol

I even tried sand boarding but failed. I have a video on my Instagram and it was so ridiculous but I love it!! I'm in the midst of editing a short video that I took during my trip, so please stay tuned. I'm pretty excited to see that everything is coming together already!

Just wanted to share about what I wore during the desert tour before I start another post on the list of things to do in Dubai! The bohemian trend seemed to be really popular this year as seen in Coachella and other music festivals.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CNP | Gentle ways to remove blackheads


I've become pretty tan after my holidays, but I quite like the new tan look on me right now. It should last a while before it starts to fade!

I personally think that it is okay to become tan cause I really like outdoor activities, and sometimes even to have minor breakouts here and there especially when you don’t have a choice. Ladies would definitely understand and relate to this.

But what I can’t stand is having blackheads on my nose or T zone area, they’re a huge turn off for girls and for guys too! But the truth is, we do get them once in a while, especially if your skin is oily or combination type or you just happen to have large pores. Just like acne, we just have to fight them and eliminate them! 

And the easiest way is to get some of the anti black head kit that you could easily find in the market nowadays. And they work best when combined with your usual skin care routine. But do you know that some of the black head strips that consist harsh stripping can lead to irritation of the skin and leave your pores even larger?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple life | Simple living

As you can see, my blog has finally gotten a new face lift! Its been ages seen I've changed a new layout and I thought its time for a new one!

Went for something simple this time, so its easier for me to monitor and also it does look neater.

Whatever it is, I'm so happy that its finally done!

Its been a week now that I've recovered from dengue fever, and I'm so glad that its over. Honestly, I've been telling my friend's that its okay to get a regular cold, or a viral infection but NEVER EVER EVER GET A DENGUE FEVER.

That's the last thing you ever want in your life.

I had to be admitted into the ICU, and my blood count was only 6 at that time. It was pretty scary and the worse thing is, dengue makes you throw up like 8 times or more in a day. I can barely eat, talk or sleep. I had to survive on papaya leaf juice ( apparently it helps with your platelet count but it tastes really awful) . I tried so much remedies for dengue I don't even know what healed me anymore. 

Normal dengue patients would stay up in the hospital for two weeks but I got out in a week! On the bright side it's really not too bad for me. 

Dengue patients are advice to rest up for a month during the recovering period, but I seriously couldn't be bothered to wait anymore, so I started working out again and just got my routine back on track. I'm currently on the #LJfitchallenge! Will talk about it soon. 

Its really sad to be unable to move around in the hospital and imagine if you're lying down in your bed for a week straight. I can't do this anymore! So the best is to get out and get some fresh air! 

I did get a lot of scoldings from my family and friends for running around and just being out there again though :p

It does feel good to workout and just be active again! Somehow you have to built up your stamina and strength again right, so why not now? I've never felt so alive after the first run I had after dengue. It was great. 

Changing my eating habits helped a lot too. I've been cooking at home a lot, and there are a few health and vegan joints that I've been visiting quite often lately. I still have my daily protein intake and etc, but visiting vegan joints once in a while its pretty amazing. For a better change!


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