Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Make beautiful happen with Panasonic Beauty.



We got introduced to Panasonic's newest range of Hair Stylers at Marble 8 earlier this week. These Hair Stylers are designed to compliment the busy lifestyles of the young and on-the-go ladies where beautiful, perfectly styled hairstyles can be created within minutes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sensational serums.


It has been an exciting few months! I have been given a chance to travel quite a bit this year and so far it has been nothing but amazing. That being said, I’ve been exposed under the sun a lot simply because I love the beach and doing so many outdoor activities! Our skin is exposed to a particular set of factors determined by what kind of daily life we lead, and as a frequent traveller like me, I realized that following my regular skin regime (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) isn’t enough. To give it an extra boost, I find that serums are sensational and important in order to make sure that I’m giving my complexion a special care. 


It took me a few years to learn about my own skin condition, besides having a combination skin, I tend to be plagued by acne. Face products that are too rich and oily can be too heavy for me. It will not only worsen my skin condition, but also clog my pores and increase the chances of getting more acne on my face. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jaben | Headphone hunting

DSC01681 .


As a musician and a music lover myself, headphones are an item that I cannot miss. But sad to say that I'm always super behind when it comes to technology, and the only earphone I had was a pair of complimentary Apple earphones when I got my Iphone 6. Also a pair of Dr.Dre beats that I got as a birthday gift but I kinda lost them lol

I've only come to realize that a good pair of headphone/earphone does make a huge difference in terms of function and quality so I've decided to invest in one that is slightly expensive but what I know that its totally worth it! And I'm so glad that I'm finally saying goodbye to my Apple earphones! It feels good to have a change!

Thanks to Jaben, I finally got to learn more about headphones and I learnt that different headphones/earphones has different functions that its designated to be the perfect fit for our daily lives eg. sports, music recording, daily use or even gaming! Not only just that, they're also a part of a trendy accessory to have now. There are so many cool and funky headphone designs that you can carry around and even better, to be matched with your outfit!

Monday, September 7, 2015

My first ever cooking video! | Thermos



So I had the great opportunity to work with Thermos sometime last month, and I was really excited because I get to do a mini cooking video shoot for their upcoming product. It was sort of like a dream come true because I’d always wanted to be in the culinary scene. Well to be honest if I didn’t graduate as a music student, my second option would be studying culinary. So yeah! It was fun and enjoyable. I woke up really early to prep up, and the crew was really professional. Everyone was really helpful and fun to hangout with! The shooting process turned out to be pretty good. I had to come up with 2 different recipes for the shoot, and I chose to make one of my favorite comfort food - beef stew. The second dish was something I can’t live without - PASTA. In other words, CARBS!! And the ingredients for both dishes are quite similar. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The next GUESS girl


Have you ever imagined yourself to be modeling for one of the biggest known fashion brand, take your modeling experience further overseas or even grace the covers of top magazines? Now, you can make a name for yourself by joining Malaysia's next GUESS model search.

It doesn't really matter if you don't have any modeling experience or whatsoever, as long you're residing in Malaysia and is aged 16 and above, you might stand a chance to win this competition! Everyone has got to start somewhere!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Belree | Quick fix



Often times the most beautiful moments in life are the simplest, including simple activities that brings joy and comfort! Whether it is a simple coffee date with a friend,  a run outdoor or listening to those go-to songs that you have them on your playlist. These things definitely makes you happier and gives you an instant mood boost!

Sunday, July 5, 2015




We all love a spot for pampering, and sometimes there are way too many choices for us to choose from and with all the options, you don't really know where's the best place to go to. So far the only place I'd visit regularly would be the usual hair salon that I go to and maybe the massage parlor near my house!

I've been wanting to get a good facial but also a place that it is more convenient for me to visit and by chance, I came across Eternel! They have total 3 branches in Asia ( Jakarta, Bangkok, Malaysia) and apparently this is the place where all the Indonesian celebrities would go to for their facial and beauty services.

Eternal is located at the BRDB building right behind Bangsar Shopping Center where I usually gym at, so it is really convenient for me to get around and be productive without wasting too much time. I can now get my facial and workout done in a day #WIN

I was looking forward so much to my first facial experience at Eternel cause of the good reviews I've heard. To be honest, I slept through the whole session because it was so comfortable!

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