Monday, April 14, 2014

My old Shanghai fantasy.

This is an overdue post that I'm supposed to blog about it during CNY month, a whimsical, almost surreal place that my girlfriends discovered that has brought me so much joy and excitement to actually be there!

Again, for the umpteenth time i'm going to repeat, i'm a sucker for anything vintage, old fashion, outmoded or whatever you call.

To be there is actually a dream come true for me to satisfy my fantasy because I'd always wanted to know how it feels like to be born in the old era back in the 60's and this place just blew me away with its almost surreal vintage backdrop and settings. I feel like I'm making a movie!

This place is located at the top floor of Setiawalk, Puchong. You might be wondering what is this place all about and what can you possibly do there, and guess what?

It basically a Shanghai themed food court where people can chill and just get lost in it for a little while which I am truly impressed! The people who came up with this idea is just insanely brilliant ( I love you so much).

I will just let the pictures do the talking because words simply can't describe the awesome-ness of this place.




We went there to check it out during dinner time and of course we took full use of the opportunity and dine in at one of the restaurant there.

Grand Shanghai Tea House basically serves Chinese cuisine and Dim Sum early in the morning. If you're wondering where to head to during family day, you have a new option now.




Old newspaper inspired menu.



Basically we ordered some Shanghainese food such xiao loong bao and braised pork. The rests are just typical Chinese dish that you can find in any restaurant. Overall the food is acceptable, but there's quite a lot of room for improvement.

The Xiao Loong Bao was just standard, wouldn't say that i'm very impress but at least they got the basics of the taste and also the way that it should be done. Thin pastry with soup filling inside.


Marinated jelly fish and cucumber. The jelly fish wasn't fresh, so it was a no no for me. 


Stir fry green peas and mushrooms. You can't go wrong with this!


Ooh! I love their deep fried salted egg prawn and pumpkin! It goes really well with the rice or alone itself. 


Steamed cod fish in sweet soy sauce and various of fungi or mushrooms. 


Braised pork. It feels like it was cooked in a rush, the meat was so tough that even my metal braces can't tear them apart! I think the cook needs to be more patient when it comes to braising. 


We had free dessert that we obviously couldn't finish. And Jacklyn was on a diet during that particular period, so we had less help. LOL


Trying to take an artsy fartsy shot. Not bad eh?

P1089338 .

Took a lot of vain pictures.


P1089380 .

Ring ring…. Who's there?

 P1089383 .


Just me wandering the streets of old Shanghai…

  P1089401 .

With my fabulous ride of course.

  P1089406 . . 


The old paintings of the Shanghainese girls sorta creeps me out though.



There are other restaurants I would still love to try it out there! You guys should go check it out too if you're free. It could be a free and easy weekend with your family and loved ones at this special and magical place! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Are you in pink or blue? | Triumph

When it comes to lingerie shopping, what type of person are you? Are you the fun and flirtatious girl who would drool over sexy skivvies and lacy underthings, or you’re the girl who just enjoys great sets of cute lingerie for everyday wear? Well of course you can be both. But to me, I’d choose 90% comfort and 10% adventurous over anything else especially I have to wear a bra everyday. The last thing I want is to have those uncomfortable wires poking my ribs which brings me major discomfort. Paid a visit at Triumph at Mid Valley for a mini Lingerie shopping spree, and there were too many choices I didn’t know where to choose from!


Basically they provide different collections of lingerie that is specially designated for woman that has different needs.

I was most interested in the Body-Make Up collection that has high definition invisibility and 360 degrees smooth fit. They came up with a refined version for 2014 using the new innovative bonding technology and appears to be more lightweight and thin.

I’m sure you guys understand the frustration when your outfit is ruined by visible bra and panty line. And its really embarrassing to walk in public! It really does look like you’re wearing your “Ah Ma’s” lingerie, and it isn’t sexy at all. But with the Body Make-Up bra and seamless panty, you don’t have to worry about visible bra and panty line anymore! They have extra thin edges that eliminate lines that gives a seamless finish and it blends into your skin perfectly. Now you can show your curves confidently without worrying that your bra or panty line will be exposed!


The Body-Make-Up bra is made of Lycra fabric which has a silk like texture, it is so thin and fine that it feels like I’m touching a piece of paper! These are the best bras to put on when you’re wearing an extremely fitting and tight tee shirt.


The lovely staff from Triumph did my measurement and gave me some advice to identify the perfect
bra fit. It can be difficult to know how to choose a bra that accentuates your breasts, especially if you are not very well endowed. Making the right selection in part depends on your shape, but there are also hints that apply to women of any size. Bras should always enhance your shape, but a badly chosen bra can make your outfit look bad and will be very unflattering to your breasts. So, choosing the right cup size and shape is really important! If you really have no clue what fits you, try seeking professional help 
at the outlet itself.


Also, I figure some girls might not know the correct way to wear a bra, here’s a guide and you can thank me later. It is really important to know the correct way to wear a bra unless if you want boobs to start growing side ways. I am not kidding!



So, here’s my pick for the latest Spring&Summer collection for Triumph’s Body-Make-Up bra! These bras are perfect for my everyday wear and they’re so light that I feel like as if I’m not wearing anything inside. The pastel colors will certainly brighten up your day! And they’re good enough to match with different colour outfits.


 I think most of you will list pastel yellow or pink as your favorite color among these four lingerie, but my favorite would be the nude color! Mostly nude colors are often dull and ugly, but this nude is different. It’s a little bit pinkish and its towards something like champagne colour. And it looks really elegant too. Its so thin and light that you can hardly trace anything even wearing a see through top.



Matching bras and outfit for Summer!





 DSC00934 .




Now, you can join the Triumph “Are you in pink or blue” Instagram contest. Submit a creative photo of your favourite item in pink or blue and stand a chance to win a new set of Triumph Body Make Up Lingerie set (worth RM229.80 for Malaysia / $119.80 for Singapore) this Spring! 

 Just follow these simple steps :

1) Follow @triumphmalaysia / @triumphsg 
2) Snap a creative photo of your favourite item in pink or blue with a fun caption 
3) Post your photo on Instagram (Make sure this photo is not private) 
4) For Malaysia: Tag @triumphmalaysia and #bodymakeupbluemy or #bodymakeuppinkmy respectively 
5) For Singapore : Tag @triumphmalaysia and #bodymakeupbluesg or #bodymakeuppinksg respectively 
6) Increase your chance of winning by sharing this post with your friends on Facebook. What are you waiting for now!! Hurry up and join!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I love singing so much that I would take a 30mins drive and hang out at some of my friend's house so they could play the guitar for me and I would sing. They were really nice to keep me entertain whenever I feel like singing and they make me feel so welcome every time I visit. Those were the days that everyone would just gather around spontaneously and have a jamming session together. But now everyone is just busy with their own stuffs and work, I do miss those days though.

I'd always wanted to do covers by my own but somehow I didn't have the motivation to start. I didn't know where to start and what do I need to start. There's just so many in fact too many talented people out there and it scares me because they're just incredibly talented! From the song recording to the video editing, everything looks so professional. And they can just do anything all by themselves which I'm very impressed. 

Somehow I needed to start somewhere so I got myself a mic and I sort of learnt the basics of recording and mixing. Well, so far this is what I know haha. Trust me it is not easy at all. There's still so much more for me to learn!! How I wish my college offers recording and mixing programme. It will definitely make my life easier. 

People tell me that I have a beautiful voice,  but sometimes I feel that my voice is lack of personality and that sort of stops me from singing.  I do have a sensitive side especially when I'm dealing with my voice. Its like a love hate relationship, sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I wish my voice was deeper and more mature, but I guess everyone is special in their own ways. We can only make full use of what we're gifted, and make it into something beautiful I guess? 

Just want to thank my friends who has been motivating me and the pep talk definitely worked! I have finally took a few baby steps and made some covers. I hope you guys will like it.

 There's still room for improvement for sure! Do let me know what you guys think and I'll work on it. 


My latest cover that I just uploaded today. "Gorilla" by Bruno Mars.

"Young And Beautiful". One of my favourites by Lana Del Rey! Thought it'll sound nice with the piano so I did an instrumental version by my own.

It was fun singing today, will try do make more next time!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Florals and prints plays quite a dominant role in very season of fashion. People who wears prints tends to look more confident and bold. Of course florals plays the opposite side, which is often appear to be feminine and sweet. 

This season, MGP Label is down with floral and print fever! Their web is filled with floral and print inspired dresses, tops and even bottoms! I got a hard time choosing what I want to order because there are so many varieties and I don't even know which to choose from!

MGP was founded in 2006 as a blogshop. A blogshop is a used to term online retailers that uses a free to use blog platforms such as blogger, livejournal. The blogshop culture meant affordable shopping for the latest apparel trends.
With more than 30,000 facebook likes and 50,000 mailing list, MGP is the number 1 online store in Singapore. We are the top e-commerce female apparel store. MGP ships internationally.
We also provides free Shipping to Singapore and Malaysia.
MGP consistently offers fast fashion that appeals to working ladies as well as to the youth." - MGP Label

They even feature budget friendly bridesmaid dresses so fellow brides will not have to worry about over spending their wedding costs. You guys can also check out their lookbook from time to time for fashion tips and inspiration!

  Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.25.21 PM

  Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.26.30 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.27.03 PM

I have picked some of my favourite outfits that they provided to feature. To my surprise the cutting and sizes are really fitting, and don't be afraid that they will be worn out after a few wash because they're all high-quality clothing. 

Merida Embossed bustier top in red | Imelda skorts in red

This outfit is so vibrant and flouncy! The skort reminds me of the wild and flirty cheerleading skirts and it shows off my legs effortlessly. Not bad for a sexy picnic date if you want to have a dose of playful and flirty look!



Vanity Abstract Dress in Grey.

The prints on the dress are to die for! They are sort of like tribal and english inspired. It makes you stand out instantly but just putting on the dress. I paired it with a statement necklace so it'll look more glamorous. And the sleeveless cut out design gives a very edgy and sporty look instead of looking too formal. Give yourself a variety of printed dresses to try on and its always good to be more adventurous when it comes to dressing!


Close up of the prints.


Raisa bustier top in pink | Jubilee skirt in cream

Fitted from the waist up, the bustier top can easily accentuate your curves.The feminine floral print and earthy colour provides a very warm and down-to-earth look. The Jubilee full skirt gives a very young and innocent look.



The good news is that they provide free shipping to Malaysia! That certainly saves up a lot more money! You guys can now enjoy 10% when you shop! 

All you have to do is just use this code: BELLAM10 

It is valid till 26th March.

Shop at : 
Follow them on Facebook :
And Instagram :  @mgplabel