Monday, July 21, 2014

Travelling essentials x

Travelling is one of the greatest hobby and pleasure I enjoy the most, it presents an adventure of a lifetime and opportunity for me to see the world. And travelling does somehow allows me to get to know myself better, leaving me to learn to see things in different perspectives, leading to a happier and healthier life.



When it comes to travelling, these are the daily essentials that I’ll always be bringing along with me.

Always make proper preparations prior to leaving home – i.e. keep copies of your passports and visas on hand, your ATM card and credit card information, your birth certificate and driver’s license info, as well as any other important documents.
Secondly, you can always still look good while you travel! I am quite vain when it comes to dressing up, I need my basic lip colors and also lip balm especially if I’m travelling in a cold country. I take my lips quite seriously lol and I love my hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn that smells like roses. Of course the are also the basic essentials such as sunglasses, camera and watches to keep me in time!


Aside of the basic essentials and girly stuffs, I also take my vitamins very seriously. Its not always just about the looks I care about! One thing I realize about myself is that travelling screws up my hormones and my skin, and these vitamins and daily supplements does help me to maintain my all-round health.

I get my multi vitamins from Vitahealth, Selenium keeps my energy high, and my mood optimal. And it is good especially for thyroids! The Primolin Vitagla helps me to regulate my menstrual and relieves the pain during my period. You have no idea how much pain a girl has to go through during their period unless you’re a girl you would understand. This natural oils and vitamins are my long life savior.
For many months now, I have been in love with the collagen supplements from Lo Hong Ka. I’m currently on my third bottle and the results of my skin are just great! It’s honestly the best one I’ve found so far. My skin tone has improved dramatically as it is more hydrated and it gives my face the perfect fresh glow. With time, I learned to choose quality over quantity when it comes to beauty products.

The other thing that I can’t live without is their Pearl Anew, which is basically pearl powder that is rich in calcium and allows me to sleep better too! I have also been mixing them to my nighttime moisturizer so that my skin will become fairer. Only recently, I started to discover the amazing benefits of calcium. As I exercise quite often, I’d like to know that my bones would still be strong when I am older. Plus, calcium actually keeps you slim and reduce PMS !!!

Last but not least, travel buddies are the reason why your trips are much more fun!

So blessed to have friends around who offer to take you out and show you around even though they’re really tied up with work and studies.

Will be updating more! Stay tuned for more travel posts xx

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jala @ The Andaman

I've blogged about my Langkawi trip and the resort I stayed recently but I think that their restaurant deserves to have an individual post by its own!

We decided to dine in at the hotel's restaurant - Jala, during last night of our trip since we've explored town two nights before. It was a very delightful experience and I definitely want to revisit Jala restaurant again!

Catching the sunset before heading out to dinner.

What a lovely way to end a perfect day.

It was about 5mins walk from our room to the restaurant. 

As you can see clearly that the restaurant is built right on the beach and the ground is covered with sand! There's a shelf where you can place your shoes and enjoy your dinner barefooted! It was such a carefree and adventurous feeling.


We were about 30mins earlier till the time we booked for dinner, so we decided to hit the bar which is connected to the restaurant for pre dinner drinks first.


Its such a nice place to chill out over looking the beach and sunset.


I didn't know my bikini line was that obvious until I saw this picture!

Puffy eyes.

Jala restaurant provides a great variety of dishes on the menu including fresh uncooked seafood on the display for their guests to choose from. We were attended by the chef himself, Chef Rene is such a friendly guy and was so kind to do all the recommendations by himself to us! He advised and describe everything on the menu to us,  and which cooking method we should choose for our seafood selection. 


Everything was so fresh! The fisherman delivers to them daily.



Complimentary bread with different dips. The Jala restaurant serves Scandinavian Malaysian fusion.

This is such a cute presentation! Cream cheese dip with chopped olives, fresh baby carrots and asparagus in a mini flower pot!

We ordered a steam butter garlic lobster and grilled golden promfret as our main. Four side dishes and sauces - Hoisin sauce, lemon and butter sauce, Kalamansi and chill sauce along side. The stewed baby carrots and sweet corn with pepper salt is to die for! Simplicity at its best. Let the ingredients speak for themselves.

It was a healthy and delicious meal. I don't mind having it everyday. 

 A picture me and my love ones after a satisfying meal. If you guys happen to visit Langkawi, I highly recommend you guys to give Jala restaurant a try!


Will talking about my daily and travel essentials up next! Stay tuned for more x

Sunday, June 22, 2014


It was my dear friend AJ’s birthday last week, so I took him out for a birthday treat on Sunday at Pavillion! Lunch was great, we gossiped a lot ( he’s the only guy friend that shares gossip with me. We’re like sisters) and had couple of drinks. I don’t normally drink during lunch hours, but that day was exceptional. We wandered in the mall after a few drinks, I needed to get new heels for a wedding! And it was pretty fun to shop after a few beers. Then, we came across a super long queue outside of GSC cinema. There were people lining up to play games at this Carlsberg machine, there were a lot of bystanders watching too. The most exciting part is that anyoneewho lined up and played the game at the machine got free beers! So AJ and I went to try out too. For the sake of free beers :p 


The games are pretty easy to be played, we basically just imitated exactly what the two guys did before us. There are three stages and they’re all very easy! You can go try it your own if you don’t believe me. You need at least another partner in order to play the game btw! So make sure you drag a friend along with you!



 It feels a bit weird when there are so many people staring. HAHA.


 The last step of the game is to drag the beer bottles and place it in the bucket! EASY RIGHT????

  CIMG0807 You’ll be surprise what you’ll be receiving next! Apparently they don’t just give out free beers but other items too! I shall not reveal it so that you guys can go figure out yourselves. CIMG0810

The machine will be in different areas from time to time, do check out Carlsberg’s facebook page ( for more information! Good luck winning some free beers :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's in your bag? @ KLIA2

Based on my past blog posts, it is clear fashion is one of my interests, and shopping comes hand-in-hand with it being one of my favourite pastimes! I shop at bazaars, online, and even at airports! I was really excited to find out that klia2will be a shopping haven too!Before I head to klia2 to fly off to my next destination, I’ve decided to get a sneak peek of what’s in stored for me on their latest giveaway website! Good news for all girls AND guys out there is that, all of us gets to pick all our desired items worth up to 5k, and add it into a cart, simply like shopping online..The only difference is that we don’t have to pay the RM5k, we automatically get to join an online lucky draw where there will be ONE Winner who would win their RM5k of desired items from klia2 EVERYDAY from 9th June to 23rd June! There are still 5 or 6 winners to be announced and one LUCKY winner will get to walk home with RM25k worth of items from klia2 through a lucky draw by our PM, Najib which is the grand prize!I won’t wait too long to show you how it works.

First, I login to

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.53.39 AM

Then, I'll instantly see a pop up that appears announcing that I have a chance to win RM5000 worth of products.
  Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.53.20 AM

Then on the main page, users are encouraged to browse around and check out klia2’s offering online by spending the RM5,000 given to them.I then add all my favourite items into the cart.  Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.56.54 AM. Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.03.47 PM When I am satisfied with all the items I want, I will proceed to the check-out like this. Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.13.36 PM

Lastly, upon successful completion of checkout, all users are automatically entered into a lucky draw with everything that they’ve purchased. And on the day of the launch, a lucky winner will be announced to win RM25,000 shopping spree atklia2!!! Wish me luck, hope I get to win something...and I am glad I can now shop before and after I take any of the flights outtaklia2!!Time for you guys to check it out for yourself at

You can find out more on their FB page  HERE !  

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