Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lembongan Island : TO DO LIST

When it comes to beach vacations,  choosing a remote island is a great way to avoid a crowd. You wouldn't want to end up spending time on commercialise beaches and islands when you actually want to enjoy in a slower pace environment and truly relax. And I find it easier to immerse myself in the local culture when I can meet friendly locals everywhere in the neighborhood! A remote island doesn't mean that its only for 'old people' or its going to be boring. In fact there are a lot of things you can actually do! Lembongan is one of the great place to be right now, the crowd is pretty balance I'd say. The place isn't entirely dead, you can still find a mixture of crowd at a local bar or when you're up for some extreme water activities, but if you prefer some peace and quiet, the beach is still the best place to be. 

Here are some things I did during my stay at Lembongan, and I really enjoyed it! In Lembongan, the best place is unwind is definitely by the beach itself.
DSC03278The seashore itself is lined with large sweeping palm trees, which lean out over the pristine white sand; the esplanade offers an unmatched selection of restaurants, with fantastic ocean views.
  DSC03543The daybeds were spacious and comfortable. I can just lie down all day and watch the sunset and the ocean, it is extremely peaceful and it does make me feel like the luckiest person to be there.  DSC03327No complaints :)DSC03333

DSC03345We'd stroll around the neighborhood during the evening and decide which restaurant to try on for dinner. It's always great to walk around after sunset when it's not too hot! DSC03346You can easily spot temples along the main road, which all of their stonework is very inspiring! They're heavily sculpted in a traditional Balinese style which makes it a unique piece of art. DSC03355Handmade accesories are sold everywhere too. 
DSC03354Happy hour + movies under the stars. Sounds pretty promising to me!    DSC03365Authentic Balinese cuisine can be found everywhere on the island! Of course, if you're looking for something towards Western, they do a pretty good job too. Dinners are normally priced at RM40-RM50 for two person at a standard restaurant which is pretty cheap compared to eating in KL! DSC03290 DSC03296
Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.42.30 PMSnorkelling is one of my favourite past time on an island, the tremendous snorkelling area at Lembongan island would be Manta Point. Its a popular area for divers to spot some huge majestic manta rays. It was such an incredible experience for me because it was my very first time spotting a gigantic manta which was about 5meters away from me! It was pretty insane! I was too excited hence why there were no pictures taken.The current was pretty strong on that particular day, we got a terrible seasick towards the end of our snorkelling session. But overall it was all good! Manage to spot some giant fishes too. 
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.45.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.45.39 PM
DSC03515 . DSC03523We even befriended some locals and they brought us to their secret spot for snorkelling! There were basically no other people around besides us. It feels kinda great to have the whole place to ourselves.DSC03527
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.49.09 PM
The water was warm and crystal clear too! Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.49.37 PMWhen things started to become messy and clumsy....

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.50.04 PM . Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.50.38 PM

One place that I'd recommend you guys to go - Dream beach. To get there, you can rent a scooter ( if you know how to ride one) to go around the island or get someone to send you there like we did! You can watch the details on my travelogue  :) DSC03373
The island may only be small but the rugged coastline has some of the most stunning beaches to be found anywhere on earth . If you're a surfer, this might be the right place for you. But the cashmere soft sands, clear sparkling waters and lovely settings aren’t just for surfers alone. 
DSC03390. DSC03381
Infinity pool facing the glorious beach. You can enjoy the facilities at the dream beach's clubhouse by paying RM15 per person! Wether its relaxing by the pool, topping up your tan or read a book on the comfortable bean bags!IMG_7555

DSC03496Simple lunch with a view. One of the finest lunch in my life. 
DSC03541One of the activity I truly miss the most would be dinner by the beach, watching the sky darken while the sun sinks lower on the horizon. 
There were other places I wished I've visited in Lembongan but there were only so little time! So if you're planning a trip to Lembongan, make sure you check out mushroom bay and the deck cafe on my behalf!!
Next travel post would be Bali! Stay tuned :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

What are your health believes?


People are often curious about my daily life and routines, what do I normally do to stay in shape, I seemed like a healthy person and etc. In order to answer all of your questions, I have decided to do 10 facts about me and health!

1    1)  I’m quite active in sports since I was young, so it is definitely not a dread to me when it comes to exercising. I enjoy the process in all kinds of sports, and I don’t mind trying and accepting new things with an open mind.

2)     I started working out 2 years ago, with simple bodyweight workouts alternate days. And I run a lot too. It was only recently I joined Chi fitness and decided to take it more seriously with classes and programs. I really love body combat and TRX ( though it is super tiring) classes! It is definitely something different and a good experience.

      3) Breakfast is a must every morning and surprisingly, it makes toilet break an easier task for me if I have my daily breakfast. I don’t have any breakfast preferences, the standards are oats, milk and fruits. But they’re not necessarily healthy every morning. A good packet of nasi lemak and coffee makes me really happy.
Like other Chinese, I eat almost everything. Would you be surprise if I tell you I love pork fats? Haha. My favorite would be 3 layered pork meat and knuckles. Not a big fan of chicken breasts. I believe that as long as I  exercise regularly,  I can eat anything I want. I don’t control my diet because I really enjoy food.


1    4)  I have this 8 hours sleeping rule. I need my 8 hours sleep otherwise it drives me really cranky. But oversleeping makes me lethargic too. The best would be 8 hours for me.

2    5)    There’s a thin line between skinny and underweight. You guys will think that it’s a blessing to be as skinny as me but I do have my issues due to underweight reasons.  Low blood pressure is one of the issues that I am struggling with, and stomach complications. I have problems going to the toilet and I’ve been trying to solve this problem before it gets worse. Pills definitely didn’t work on me, and I don’t really like abusing drugs to help me with my problems.

After months of trying, I’ve found a few things that helps me with my stomach and low blood pressure problems!


From left to right ( Flex seed powder, Lo Hong Ka Ba Zhen soup, Lo Hong Ka Bak Foong Pill & Voelkel organic prune juice)


For bowel improvement, I’ve started to take flex seed powders and organic prune juice! I drink them every morning now and then, with luke warm water. You can really see the toxins getting flushed out everyday. My stomach feels amazing and light. Just add the flax seed powder into any of your juices or food. Just that simple. They’re really affordable too!


My mum would always make me some bitter herb soup which is known as Ba Zhen every month after my menses. I’m told that it is to nourish and replace the lost nutrients and iron I have in my body and its good for women especially we’re losing so much iron every time of the month.

But there are times that I’ll skip drinking the soup when my mum gets really busy at work and I couldn’t be bothered to make it myself because it is really time consuming.

The Lo Hong Ka Ba Zhen Tong is exactly what I needed! It comes in a pack of 6, READY MADE! I can now just bring one of these glass bottles to work and drink it during office hours. Which is really convenient.

I found it really effective when it comes to helping with my blood circulation. I feel much more energetic during my menses, not much sign of a backache or terrible cramps and I don’t get cold feet easily anymore even if I’m in an air conditioned room.

My toleration for cold is definitely much stronger now which is cool! I use to hate it when my sister blasts the air conditioner because I can’t really take the cold. But it has improved.

The Bak Foong pills from Lo Hong Ka works as good! And they’re light and easy to be carried around. I’d always believe that women will have to know how to take care of themselves, these are the most basic and general knowledge. If you’re consistent enough, you can definitely see the results and your body will definitely feel better in many ways.

7)    I limit myself to only 3 or 4 cups of coffee in a week. I love coffee but I get nauseas when times are bad and restless due to the caffeine. So it is like a love hate relationship for me.
8    8)   I’m not much of a supper person.
9    9)     I’m a beach person. I love hanging out under the sun, and I will only swim when its sunny! I’m just a girl that prefers to be in a hot environment than cold. Hence why I don’t complain much even when I sweat :p
4   10)    I do not consider myself as an easily depressed or a sensitive person. Overall I’m quite positive about things and life! Well at least I try to. And I think my patience is above average.

So here’s my personal believes in how should I deal with my own health. Well of course, everyone has their own way of taking care of their body. Just thought I'd share :)