Thursday, January 8, 2015

UNIQUE rooftop bar | Rock Bar Bali

Visited one of the most beautiful rooftop restaurant in Bali, everything seemed too good to be true. Most rooftop restaurants are phenomenon seen mostly in concrete cities with gorgeous skylines, but the UNIQUE rooftop bar at Rimba Jimbaran has proved otherwise! At Rimba Jimbaran, you can get stunning coastline of arid desserts and open bushveld  savannah. Even though you're in Bali, it somehow feels like you're in the midst of Africa experiencing the wildlife scenery where nature and events blend.

It was the perfect escape with the bf, and I'm really grateful for the AYANA and Rimba Jimbaran team for planning this for us!


DSC03730 . DSC03731 . DSC03733

How I wish I came with a bunch of friends. This would definitely be the best spot to hangout.

DSC03735 . DSC03742



Just staring at the serene view, without any thoughts in my head.


Being gluttons at our best! I think we did a pretty great job. I'd have to give it to the cocktails. They are absolutely yummy and every tapas we ordered was innovative and I guaranteed you that you've never tasted anything like it before. And the friendliness exhibited by the staff was just outstanding. I had so much fun!


Just so blessed to be there!


Super romantic place to be. Though I looked a little too tanned hahaha. The bf took my shades so I have none *face palm*

After catching the sunset and dinner, we proceeded to Rock Bar to have more drinks and fun for the night!

Rock bar is definitely a MUST GO when you happen to be in Bali. They're rated one of the most famous bars in the world because it is located on a cliff that is 14 meters above the Indian Ocean.


To get to Rock Bar, you'll have to take a mini monorail to the bottom.


We're pretty lucky to get a priority access to Rock Bar. The queues are normally excruciatingly long and sometimes if you might not even get a table there. Better book in advance if you're planning to visit! Or the best is, just stay at AYANA or Rimba Jimbaran to get a guest priority access!


. DSC03814


DJ spinning on a cliff under the crescent moon. WHAT A SIGHT!



Delicious cocktails, great company and a splendid view. This is a hell of an experience :)



Im having so much nostalgic memories in AYANA and Rimba Jimbaran! Will be planning another getaway there soon :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bali : Sanur Pitstop | AYANA SPA

I had such a great time in Lembongan, it would have been greater if I could stay a little longer! Clearly 4 days 3 nights wasn't enough at all. Headed straight to Bali early morning on the 4th day of our trip and took the morning boat ride! The ride back wasn't as bad, but it was a long ride indeed. 2 hours and I was starving in the boat so badly.

It was my second time visiting Bali, but it was a whole new and different experience to me considered everything has changed so much in 6 years.


Ahhhh! Kinda miss this place right now. 



At the jetty doing touristy shots trying to be all artsy fartsy :p 


The boat dropped us back to the Sanur jetty and there is where I discovered these lovely dream catchers that is sold at a market along the jetty. Got one for myself and Angelina. 



I could stare at them all day and day dream about myself being in every corner of the world (ULTIMATE WISHLIST!) 


As I mentioned that I was really hungry so we went on a food hunt around the neighbourhood! To be honest we didn't know what's good to eat around at first, so we decided to follow the 'crowd'. Barged into this restaurant full of people we had zero clue about, all I see is fish dishes everywhere. But it turns out to be a great discover!

The queue was really long, and it got very chaotic to find a seat with our luggages by our side. But there were some locals who were kind enough to share their table with us! So we sat down and started to order exactly what they were having. 


As a Malaysian, I'm no stranger to fried fish! But this is one damn good fried fish served with sambal chilli. 


And the cucumber fish soup is just tantalising. I finished every single bit of it and it just makes me crave for even more! I have never loved fishy stuff in my life (except for Japanese), but this place has changed a lot of my perception towards fish dishes and also I learnt how to appreciate it even more now!


Do drop by Warung Mak Beng if you happened to be at Sanur!


The first day in Bali was truly an amazing and memorable one. After a scrumptious meal at Sanur, I am so lucky and honoured to escape the pressures of daily life in paradise at one of the most luxurious resort in Bali. 

AYANA Resort was the perfect place for rest, relaxation, romance and more. We were picked up and transferred to Spa lobby at the AYANA Resort for some massive pampering! I was really excited and so ready for it after a few days of exhausting of water sports and etc. 



The moment I stepped into the lobby, I couldn't believe my eyes. The landscaped tropical garden was such a breathtaking sight. Every corner of the place was beyond perfect! It was a luxurious haven of tranquility and pleasure.


DSC03647 . DSC03713


There's nothing you can complain about the top notch service, and even the beverages they serve were absolutely tasty! Lemongrass drink was so refreshing I couldn't help myself but to have more. I have no shame when it comes to good stuff :))



Took some time to chill at the mini pagoda and to unwind. Checked out the menu for rejuvenating treatments. The extensive spa menu offers both ancient Eastern and Western healing therapies and treatments, and non surgical cosmetic procedures such as anti ageing facials and body slimming. The highest quality beauty products are used including La Mer, Thermes Marins and LPG technology.



Spacious changing and shower rooms. It has everything that you need!

DSC03659 . DSC03681

Finally made my decision and went for the 2 hour session of Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool,  a treatment that is performed in a pool, and I made my way around 60 hydro massage stations to help combat the effects of jet lag, and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage!


If you think the SPA lobby is breathtaking enough, wait till you check out the Aquatonic Pool area. I was completely blown away!!


And this is not all. Apparently AYANA offers an exclusive spa service in a villa that is anchored on rocks amidst of the ocean! I have checked out the pictures of their exclusive service, which was absolutely insane. 

This exclusive SPA thingy is officially a part of my Christmas wish list, next year. That's right, plan ahead! Hehe.



I can feel every inch of my muscles being stimulated by the strong current of the pool, and the water is warm which was nice, it felt so good getting a nice boost! 






I left feeling refreshed and ready to party after a good 2 hour massage! I was so ready to check out the other facilities and most importantly, the restaurant and Rock Bar Bali which will be featured on my upcoming post so stay tuned!


AYANA Resort and Spa Bali | T. +62 361702222 | F. +62 361701555